Resources for Anti-Racism Actions in Nutrition

Systemic racism is inherent in the United States today, and it affects nutrition science. See here for NutriBites’ statement in solidarity and support of the Black Lives Matter movement. This great article by Ashley Aguillard is a good introduction to the ways that racism affects nutrition and how nutrition continues to be involved in perpetuating systemic racism. One of NutriBites’ goals is to spread evidence-based nutrition information to everyone in a way that is easy to understand. In support of this goal, we specifically promote articles that:

  1. are written, edited, and illustrated by people who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC),
  2. contain information specifically of interest to BIPOC populations, and/or
  3. involve research that was conducted by researchers who are BIPOC.

If at any time you perceive that NutriBites is not succeeding in this goal, please contact us, either at our email address ( or via the Contact Us link on our website.

In pursuit of our goal of inclusivity, we are also including lists of anti-racism resources below to promote better nutrition science.

Workplace & Racism

Public Health & Racism

Nutrition & Racism

Science, Racism & White Supremacy

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