Meet NutriBites

NutriBites is made entirely of volunteers who write and edit because they think it’s fun!

Our Leadership:


Laetitia Meyrueix is the Co-founder and Co-president of NutriBites. She is a Bay Area native who moved to University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill to pursue her Ph.D. in Nutrition. She is a doctoral student of the program and studies the effect of diabetes during pregnancy on the placental epigenome. She considers herself an interdisciplinary scholar and is at her best when learning new ways to address a question.  She is passionate about science communication, social justice, and reading.


Kaylee Helfrich is the Co-founder and Co-president of NutriBites. She is a doctoral candidate in Nutrition at the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. She studies how prenatal exposure to alcohol alters fetal iron metabolism. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, dancing, and traveling. Kaylee hopes that NutriBites can help people stay informed about the latest research in nutrition and develop a greater love for nutrition!

Ashley_PhotoAshley Aguillard is the Chair of Diversity for NutriBites. Ashley is a doctoral student in Nutrition at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. She studies the role of scaffold proteins in brown adipose tissue and mitochondrial function and its impacts on whole-body metabolism. She loves music, traveling, and trying new foods. Ashley is passionate about helping people learn about science and nutrition in fun and engaging ways.

Ruyu_PhotoRuyu Liu is the Grant Writer Chair for NutriBites. Ru is a registered dietitian and a research technician at Northeastern University in Boston. Prior to her current role, she received a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and a master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. During her MS program, she studied the genetic determinants of macular pigment optical density in children. In her free time, Ru enjoys hiking and traveling.

Ryesa_PhotoRyesa Mansoor is the Co-Social Media Coordinator and Co-Newsletter Chair for NutriBites. She graduated with her BSPH in Nutrition from UNC Chapel Hill, and she is currently working at the NIMH as a Post-baccalaureate Research Fellow. Ryesa’s research interests encompass various fields, from nutrition to neuroscience to social justice in healthcare. Her hobbies include dancing, baking, pilates, and tending to her house plants. Ryesa is excited to be a part of the Nutribites leadership team and contribute to effective science communication and education.

Core Authors and Editors:

  • Abrar Al-Shaer
  • Allison Lacko
  • Anastasia Yandulskaya
  • Ann Suk
  • Annamaria Vesely
  • Bhavya Singh
  • Brittany Ingram
  • Carolyn Dubnik
  • Cristina Guitron
  • Dominika Trzilova
  • Emily Murwin
  • Erin Coffman
  • Erin Lile
  • Gabrielle Dardis
  • Jason Wermers
  • Jeffrey Letourneau
  • Jennifer Schweiger
  • Jessica Ayers
  • Johanna Bishop
  • Jonathan Cerna
  • Kara McIver
  • Matt Paysour
  • Meredith Edelman
  • Michaela Copp
  • Raj Trikha
  • Rhea Jayaswal
  • Samantha Stadmiller
  • Sara Bernate
  • Sonia Tandon

 Past Contributors:

  • Asta Feng, MPH-RD
  • Blaide Woodburn
  • Daniela Pimentel, MPH-RD
  • Evan Paules
  • Kristen Stockdale
  • Khristopher Nicholas
  • Laura Smith, PhD
  • Leah Chapman, PhD
  • Maribel Sierra
  • Melissa Jensen, PhD
  • Mike Essman, PhD
  • Moira Johnson, PhD
  • Natalie Rebolledo Fuentealba
  • Ruixue Hou
  • Yiqing Wang, PhD

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