NutriBites Statement in Solidarity and Support of #StopAsianHate

We at NutriBites want to release our official statement in recognition, solidarity, and support of #StopAsianHate

Since the start of the pandemic, there has been an overwhelming increase in hate crimes against Asians and Asian Americans. The increase in deadly attacks and violence, especially targeted towards Asian women and elderly populations, are a testament to the existence and continuation of anti-Asian racism. These events, though reported in more depth recently, are in fact a continuation of the history of anti-Asian racism that has persisted for many, many years as a result of and exacerbated by continued notions of white supremacy. 

Racism has a long-standing history affecting Asians and Asian Americans. Discriminatory policies against Chinese immigrants, numerous massacres targeting Asian communities, Japanese Internment Camps, U.S.-led colonization and exploitation in the Philippines, the murder of Vincent Chin – these are only some of the most notable instances of anti-Asian sentiment that has culminated in the discrimination, prejudice, and racism we see today. 

In light of the recent events and call to action, we want to recognize the pain, hurt, and outrage throughout the Asian community. We stand up and declare our support for the Asian community during this time and in the future, and we reaffirm our dedication to an anti-racist agenda and platform. We are here to speak out against anti-Asian racism, to increase opportunities and awareness of Asian American communities and their stories, and to condemn white supremacy and its detrimental, lasting effects. 

In all fields and professional environments, including academia and science, white supremacy continues to be upheld at the disadvantage of marginalized groups. We must all, collectively, take a stand against white supremacy and actively involve ourselves to dismantle racist systems and advocate for racial justice. 

Below are links with more resources, including places to donate, educational material, mental health aid resources, and more. Read below to know how we can all come together and do our part to stand against racism, condemn white supremacy, and Stop Asian Hate. 

Resources and Links:

Read some of our articles written by AAPI authors!

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